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Digital Camera Adaptor TD-2

1 Light path changeable in accordance with right or left better eye through one-touch operation
The light path to capture images into the digital camera can be changed
in accordance with the examiner’s better eye. By adjusting the dial on the back, you can change the light path through one-touch operation. The fundus can be observed without worrying about displacement between an image in the field of view and a captured image.
2 Yellow filter IN/OUT mechanism
High-contrast images can be obtained by using a built-in yellow filter in
cornea fluorescence observation. Easy filter IN or OUT is available through one-touch operation. In its setting with our slitlamp, high-contrast images can be obtained by the best matching with a cobalt blue filter.
3 Capturing of still image with one push
By connecting a trigger cable between the slitlamp and camera, a still
image can be captured every time the joystick button of the slitlamp is

*The trigger cable may not be available depending on the type of the slitlamp. For more information, contact us.
4 Combination with background illumination system

Combination with background illumination of the slitlamp optional accessory is more effective in the explanation to patient.

*Background illumination systems differ with slitlamps. For more information, contact us.
5 Slitlamp models compatible with TD-2 types
Type A : SM-70, SM-70N, SM-90, SM-90N, 300XL
Type B : SM-2, SM-2N. SM-4, SM-4N
6 Camera models compatible with TD-2
TD-2 types do not come with a digital camera. For the purchase of a digital camera, refer to the following compatible cameras:
CANON社製 CANON Digital SLR Cameras
Nikon社製 Nikon Digital SLR Cameras
*For more information on compatible cameras, contact us.
*Possible to use our image filing software, EyeCAM (Option Product), when using CANON Digital SLR cameras.