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Ophthalmic Workstation ST-80

"Integration", A New Feature
Automatic sliding and manual sliding; Two mechanisms coexist in one unit
Pictures show the basic configurations.
Select Type A or Type B depending on the installation orientation.

Two mechanisms integrated
Takagi has long been working on the motorized “automatic sliding” mechanism. With a new feature that allows manual sliding being added, two mechanisms now coexist in the ST-40.
For “manual sliding”, hold the lever located in the middle of the table end, underside, and pull or push the table.
Freedom to use automatic sliding or manual sliding as required
The ST-80 gives the users freedom of using the “automatic sliding” feature or the “manual sliding” feature as required.
It is now possible, for instance, to slide the table out using “manual sliding” and slide it back in using “automatic sliding” if the surgeon feels more comforable doing so due to a patient’s condition.
480mm slide stroke
The slide stroke has been increased from the conventional 470mm to 480mm, providing more legroom.
Control panel that prevents accidental activation
The buttons to lift, lower and slide the Table Top and ones to lift and lower the patient’s
chair are indented into the control panel. Therefore, there is less incidence of accidental activation even when a hand or elbow accidentally hits a button. All control button are designed to glow when operable.
Innovative mechanism
Takagi has developed an innovative mechanism using an electromagnetic clutch and timing belts so that automatic sliding or manual sliding can be used at will.
Both automatic and manual sliding mechanisms have achieved ease of use as well as excellent durability and quietness.
Elevation control of patient’s chair is at hand
The elevation control buttons for the patient’s chair are incorporated in the Table Top. There is no need to place a foot pedal under the table, which improves safety. Buttons to control the patient’s chair are easily distinguished as they are featured in a different color from the buttons for the table control, and this part of the control panel is raised.

* Patient’s chairs (Electric Chairs) are optional. Only Takagi-made chairs are connectable.
Wider arm resting space
The arm resting space is 40mm wider and 95mm deeper than the conventional model. There is now ample room for an elbow rest, and the arm can be held at a natural angle.
Slide safety switch
The sliding action stops when the safety switch at the table end is preessed during automatic sliding. It also stops if the safety switch hits an object or a person. The safety switch on the ST-80 is bigger than that of the conventional model, and is now in a different color to the table surface so that the feature can be easily recognized when a situation calls for instant reaction.
Elevation safety switch
Table and chair elevation stops if the patient’s
knee touches the underside of the table. If the elevation stops with the activation of this feature, a warning light will illuminate on the control panel to notify the doctor.
Significant increase in elevation stroke
The elevation stroke of the Table Top has been significantly increased. Wiht the elevation ranging from 670mm to 920mm, the ST-80 can accommodate patients of various builds.
Improved chemical resistance
Chemical resistance of the table has been improved by upgrading the materials and structure. With the use of silicone rubber, the control panel is fully integrated preventing fluid from getting in. This provides better protection against malfunction or deterioration caused by, for example, wiping with alcohol.

* We do not guarantee total chemical or water resistance.
Table height adjustable
Height of the Center Console, Doctor's Desk, and the Side Table is adjustable.
Upon installation, the height of the Center Console, Doctor's Desk, and the Side Table can be set within a range between 700mm and 815mm to suit the doctor's preference and operating environment.

* The three units must be set at the same height
Use with computer supported
A rack to store a computer system unit under the Side Table is available as an optional accessory. This rack, along with the Keyboard Tray, provides a comfortable environment for computer users.
The Computer Rack can also be hung underneath a Side Table to accommodate a control unit for a TV camera or a video printer.
Desktop Light included as standard equipment
The Desktop Light at the back of the Doctor's Desk is included as standard equipment. Brightness of the light can be adjusted with the rheostat dial on the Center Console. The brightness of the Desktop Light is also linked and changes with the sliding action of the Table Top and the use of ophthalmoscopes.
Room light relay included as standard equipment
A built-in relay switch linked to the table sliding action and the use of the ophthalmoscopes automatically turns on and off the examination room lighting.

* The relay can control room lights up to 500W.
* It is a prerequisite that wiring is done prior to connection.
Structuring a system suitable for the space
Even where the examination space is limited, a system that is optimal to that space can be structured by using different combinations. For instance, the basic system is very compact with the width of the main unit being 1300mm. The Side Table Ⅰ (750mm wide) or the Side Table Ⅱ (500mm wide) may be added to the basic system, where the total width measures 1800mm and 2050mm respectively.
Comfortable use of ophthalmoscopes
With the updated shape of the storage compartments, the ease of use of indirect and direct ophthalmoscopes has further been improved. Because of the storage location, the cords stay below, and they do not get in the way on the Table Top. With the rheostat dials on the Center Console, light intensity of the indirect and direct ophthalmoscopes can be individually adjusted. The maximum voltage can be set upon installation; this works as a safety feature as the voltage will not exceed the limit set even when the rheostat is accidentally turned up fully.
Expansive Doctor’s Desk
The depth of the Doctor's Desk has been increased from 580mm to 650mm, allowing the desk to be placed flush against the wall.
LED for footlight
A white Light-Emitting Diode (LED) is used for the footlight, eliminating the need for maintenance.
Adjustabele left or right layout
Two layout types are available to suit the examination environment; Type B where the Doctor's Desk is installed on the right hand side of the doctor, and Type A where said desk is installed on the left hand side of the doctor.
Other manufacturers’ slitlamps also installable
With an installation kit (an optional accessory) other manufacturers' slitlamps can also be installed. The relevant installation kit supplies the power suitable for each slitlamp model. By using an installation kit, even if the slitlamp does not have a rheostat, light intensity can be adjusted from the Table Top.

* Some models require the use of a power source provided by the manufacturer, and in some cases, light intensity may not be controllable from the Table Top.
Storage of trial lenses
The trial lenses can be stored in the drawer.
(Dimensions of the drawer:
For further details, please contact our Sales Department.。
Ophthalmoscopes can be recharged
The Center Console is equipped with rechargeable instrument wells to accommodate rechargeable ophthalmoscopes.

* Some models may require optional adapter for recharging. There are models with which compatibility has not been confirmed.
A wide variety of optional accessories available
The Lamp Arm and various other arms such as the LCD, the Monitor (for CRT monitors), the View Tester, the Projector, and the Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope Arms can be mounted on the Accessory Stand. For the Doctor's Desk, accessories such as the Counter Top and the Keyboard Tray can be mounted. The Side Tables come in two different widths, providing more flexible options according to the size of the examination room.
Wheelchair adaptable
The ST-80 can be used for a patient in a wheelchair without the patient having to get out of the wheelchair.
Video camera cables securable under the Table Top
Cables for a video camera connected to the slitlamp can be secured under the Table Top. Cables can come out from the table end so that they do not get in the way of the patient.
Equipped with a spectacles tray
The patient can place his/her glasses on a tray fitted on the patient side of the main unit. The tray is dish-shaped, and its base is molded in the shape of a pair of glasses, visually telling the patient that the tray is for his/her glasses. A white light emitting diode (LED) is fitted to the tray.


Minimum height 670mm
Maximum height 920mm
Slide stroke 480mm
Slide speed Variable between 3.6 seconds and 5.2 seconds per lap
Button beep sound Can be turned ON or OFF
Allowable load 30kg
Power supply to
Maximum voltage can be set at either
AC6V, 7.5V, 9V, 12V30W, or 12V50W
Fixation lamp : AC6V
Power AC230V
Power consumption 1500VA
Auxiliary electrical outlets 2 outlets(total up to 500VA) on the back of the unit
Weight 83kg(exclusive of optional accessories and balancing weights)
Balancing weights : 4 x 5.6kg


Optional Accessories