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Ophthalmic Stand SN-500

Overhead Lamp
Of a simple design, very easy to position and the degree of illumination is controlled by a single switch.

Operation panel

View Tester Arm
Provision is made for plenty of vertical adjustment and there is one touch positioning. Outstanding counterbalancing makes this fitting pleasantly simple to handle.
Refractometer Arm
The range of vertical movement is 220mm so that it is ideal for use with such equipment as ophthalmometers, etc.
Lowest Arm
An important feature of this unit is the ease with which heavy ophthalmological instruments such as slitlamp microscopes can be easily raised and lowerd with the weightbalancing system.

*The output of this arm's receptable is 50VA of the mains electricity.
Control Box
Ophthalmoscopes can be recharged at two rechargeable instrument wells* (DC 4.0V). An instrument connected to the binding post can be stored at the other well.

The output voltage of the binding post can be selected from 6 levels between AC 2.5V and AC 12V by a BD output voltage selection switch on the back.

* Some ophthalmoscopes cannot be recharged depending on their battery types and the size
of the ophthalmoscopes.
* An ophthalmoscope with a lithium ion battery cannot be recharged at the wells.

Combined with Ophthalmic Chair UN-15
*View Tester VT-5, Chart Projector CP-40 (with Projector Arm U08-04) and
Tabletop for Slit Lamp are optional items.


Space required 535mm × 535mm
Weight 137kg